Saturday, March 31, 2012

Seasons of Magick: Autumn Is Now Available

I swear the lag time between 'upload' and 'live' gets longer and longer, but I can say that Seasons of Magick: Autumn has been officially released before the end of March!

It's available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. [NOTE: If there's no link to the retailer, then the 'buy' link isn't live yet.}

I had a lot of fun writing this one. Hope y'all enjoy it!

Welcome to Morrigan’s Cauldron! But be careful what you ask for because this little Greenwich Village shop can deliver your heart’s desire. Or your greatest nightmare.

Phylicia Johnson knew going to a Halloween party with a bunch of college kids was a bad idea. But her son’s R.A. has her feeling things she hadn’t felt in eighteen years.

Dante Jones survived the worst that Afghanistan could throw at him. He wants to earn his degree and settle down. And damn, if the universe didn’t dump the most perfect woman in front of him. But evil has other plans for the party guests, and a demon-induced orgy is one threat the Marines never trained him to deal with.

Can he believe Phylicia when she says she can stop the hellion and save the guests? Or are they all doomed to become sex batteries for the demon’s plans?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Unlikely Praise by Carla Rossi

Regular blog readers know I'm not Christian. So needless to say, I don't read many inspirational books. Carla Rossi is the exception.

Years ago, Carla and I belonged to the same critique group. Unfortunately, the group fell apart due to job changes and health issues. But even then, I knew she was one special writer. Someone who could draft intense sexual tension and hilarious scenarios without betraying her beliefs or smacking you over the head with them.

Carla's latest Unlikely Praise is now available in both print and ebook at the following retailers:

Barnes & Noble


Candi Canaberry has been the worship leader at Cornerstone Fellowship since the doors opened more than two years ago. A lifetime church musician and instructor of music at the local community college, Candi has dedicated her life to praise and worship. When Cornerstone explodes into mega-church territory, Candi is sure she’ll be the one to take her team to the next level…isn’t she the obvious choice? Apparently not. Church leadership has other ideas when they instruct her to take on a partner and share her duties. But a one-time rocker with a metallic guitar and zero worship experience? God must be kidding.

Recently saved Samuel “Shade” Blackledge is new to Cornerstone Fellowship. He’s convinced a strong church family is what will help keep his head above water as he turns from things of the past and builds a new life. An ex-rock guitarist, Shade is shocked when the pastor suggests he might be just what the worship team needs. But could God really want a tattooed veteran of the club scene? And what about his other secrets - not the least of which is a baby girl he’s never seen?

Worship practice has never been this eventful as Candi and Shade work their way toward each other… and Unlikely Praise.

Monday, March 26, 2012


Edit to add: The contest is closed! The winner was Tessy! Thanks to everyone for checking out the contest.

It's Monday morning, and I don't have any cute puppy videos, so let's have a contest instead!

Leave a comment before 11:59PM CDT on Thursday, March 29, 2012. A winner will be randomly drawn from the infamous Easter Basket shaped like Capt. Rex 's helmet. The prize is e-book copies of the Seasons of Magick series: Spring, Summer and the soon-to-be-released Autumn. (Yes, you'll get it before it goes on sale!)

Contest is open to everyone!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Progress - Finally!

On the plus side, I finished the first draft of Seasons of Magick: Autumn last night. I've sent the master JPG to my delightful cover artist for her wizardry. I'll let the draft sit a few days, then do my editing passes this weekend before sending it to my editor and a critique partner for a review.

I'm finding the more I write and plot, the better the first drafts are getting. This means less work for both me and my editor on the backside.

On the minus side, I still don't have the final prop I ordered for the cover shoot of Amish, Vamps & Thieves. Therein lies the joy of running your own company when something like this happens. I can't get mad because I knew an Amish-made item was going to take some time when I ordered it back in January. But Spring is upon us, and it's been in the high seventies/low eighties up north, which means these folks are out in their gardens planting peas and potatoes. If my prop doesn't come soon, it won't make it here until next fall. (I grew up on a farm. I know how much work happens between spring and winter WITH the convenience of modern equipment.)

In the meantime, DH and I brainstormed some new ideas for the cover, none of which matches the original vision. So I'll focus on writing and keep my fingers crossed that the prop shows up in the next couple of weeks before I resort to Plan B.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

Productive Thumb Twiddles

I'm still waiting for a prop to arrive so DH can shoot the cover for Amish, Vamps & Thieves.

In the meantime, I've been writing my butt off. Season of Magick: Autumn is close to being finished. I hope to have it to my editor by the end of the week. Also, a good chunk of the first draft of Zombie Confidential, the solo Sam Ridgeway story, has been written.

Thank goodness this is Spring Break week. I can usually make some writing headway when I'm not lecturing on stuff like Olmec culture and exponents.