Friday, July 15, 2016

Justice: The Beginning Is Live!

The e-book version of Justice: The Beginning is now live. So if you need a little entertainment this weekend, check it out!

For the first time, the Justice Anthea and Brother Luc short stories are collected in one edition.

This anthology includes “Justice” and “Diplomacy in the Dark”, previously published in Sword and Sorceress 28 and 30 respectively. A brand new story “The Perfect Partner” gives readers the infamous tale of the illicit lovers’ first cantankerous, and odiferous, case together.

And a fourth bonus tale set in the Justice universe tells how a young sister of Light became a secret bodyguard for a member of the Jing Imperial family.

Magic, mayhem and mystery has never been so fun!

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Thursday, July 7, 2016


Justice: The Beginning should have been out by now. *sigh* The best laid plans of mice and men...

I sent the file to the formatter two weeks ago. She sent me back a formatted Kindle file. I looked it over, found a hand full of typos that slipped by the editor, and sent the revisions back to her. She was backed up and couldn't get back to my stuff until the holiday weekend. At which point, I said, "Spend time with your family. We'll pick this up after the Fourth of July."

So I get an e-mail from her yesterday. The page count is too small for the printer for the paperback edition. WHOOPS!

Now we could have gone through a lot of trials and tribulations to make the print interior work, but there would still be the issue of my cover designer of jumping through hoops to make her side work, too. My formatter said she'd do whatever I wanted.

So I raided the chocolate stash and thought about it. Talked to my business partner (aka Darling Husband), and he agreed with me.

I e-mailed my formatter and asked, "What if I add another story to the collection, resend the master file to you, and you start over from scratch?"

Her reply? "Works for me."

On the plus side, you readers will get four stories for your money, not three. And you'll get a beautifully-formatted paperback if you so desire.

On the minus side, it'll take another two or three weeks longer to get the anthology into your hands.

What's the fourth story about, I hear you ask? I figured since "The Perfect Partner" told how Justice Anthea and Brother Luc first met, then it would be neatly book-ended by the tale of how Shi Hua became Ambassador Quan's bodyguard.

I also want to add thank you so much to my readers for your patience!