Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How a Fan Stabbed Me in the Heart

Piracy is out there. I know that. I could try to stop it, but in today's digital age, that's like catching rainwater in a sieve. So for the most part, I ignore the piracy. It's as faceless as I'm sure I am to the pirates and people who feed them.

But this week was different. This week, GK's social studies teacher had the class google themselves and their parents. As a writer, I have the biggest internet footprint in the family. So I was stupid enough to google myself later that night...

And I wish I hadn't done it. I stumbled across a discussion of Zombie Love in a comic book online forum. One gentleman had borrowed Blood Magick from his local library. As far as I know, it's only available from one library, the Harris County Public Library. Anyway, he LOVED it, and he was rather upset that Zombie Love wasn't available through the library because he wanted to read it NOW!

And he didn't want to buy it.

So there was a discussion on this forum of all the places he could download it cheap or free. All of which were illegal as only one commenter pointed out. This commenter also pointed out that this was how I make a living.

To my mystery supporter, thank you for standing up for me and all the other writers and artists out in the world. This IS how I pay for not just my food and rent, but my multitude of maintenance drugs for my chronic illness.

As I read the comments in this forum, I think I was most surprised by my own reaction. I wasn't angry. I was heartbroken. If he loved my work that much, why did he feel he needed to steal it?

So to my fan, I wish you had contacted me directly. I don't know your circumstances. And I know you don't mine.

If you borrowed Blood Magick from another library than HCPL, you could have contacted the library and requested that they order Zombie Love.

If you had contacted HCPL and talked to Michael, the lovely gentleman who handles the e-book department, he in turn would have e-mailed me directly about getting the book into their program.

If you had simply asked me why Zombie Love wasn't available through the HCPL, I would have been honest and told you. And maybe if you had asked nicely, I would have given you a free, legitimate copy.

But you, dear reader, chose to go a different route, and as your fellow commenter said, that's between you and your conscience.

To the rest of my fans who felt it was worthwhile to purchase a legitimate copy of my work, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

What's Going On?

I know I haven't posted anything since January, but it's been crazy-busy here at the new headquarters of Angry Sheep Publishing.

First of all is getting formatting/interior design done for the Bloodlines series. It means proofreading the books again, and finding the occasional typo that managed to slip by everyone the first million rounds of editing. It means selecting artwork for the new covers and discussing options with the new artist. It means I'll have print books soon. In some respects, I feel like I'm doing IT project management again.

Out of all this work, the bad news is I'm going to have to raise prices on the Bloodlines books. This won't happen until June, so if you planned to pick up the first five e-books, do it soon while they're still $2.99.

Secondly, Xxxxx Yyyyyy and I are jamming on the new Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa series. We're hoping to have the writing wrapped up by the end of the month, then on to editing, formatting, etc. We have a tentative release date of May 1 penciled on our calendars, which I'm fairly positive we'll hit. We may need lots of potato chips in the meantime...

Angry Sheep Publishing is finally getting a business logo and it's own website. Links will be up (fingers crossed) around Easter.

Last of all, there's stuff brewing that I can't talk about yet. I'm excited, and I think y'all will be, too!

Stay tuned! New covers and other news is coming soon!