Monday, October 28, 2013

FINALLY! Blood Sacrifice is out!

I stayed up last night until effing four in the morning, but dammit, this book was getting uploaded! (Many thanks to Pepsi, Inc. LOL)

It seems appropriate that Alex and Phil's book comes out Halloween week since they literally go to Uku Pacha, the Incan Underworld.

I'll be posting sales links as they go live during the next couple of days (yes, I'm talking to you, Barnes & Noble). I want to thank all of my readers for your incredible patience!

Alex Stanton is done being Phillippa Mann’s whipping boy. She made it perfectly clear she preferred him only when his body temperature was human. And he would keep his distance from the Amazon if his vampire master didn’t value Phil’s business relationship.

But when someone breaks into Phil’s antique shop and steals a replica of an Incan artifact called a tumi, Alex discovers she’s in deep trouble. The tumi isn’t a fake after all, and the original owner wants it back. Can he and Phil mollify a ticked off god of death long enough to find the thief and retrieve the god’s property, or will the Incan deity decide he’ll take their souls in exchange for his lost weapon?

Novel, approximately 76,000 words or 277 printed pages

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Fantasy writer Jonathan Moeller has been interviewing contributors to Sword and Sorceress 28. Today, he posted my interview. Show Jonathan some love! Stop by and leave a comment!

P.S. There's a snippet of "Justice" for you to check out. Sword and Sorceress 28 will be available on November 2nd.

Um, excuse us, Suzan, but where's that novel you promised us?

I'm on the last forty pages of edits for Blood Sacrifice, which I plan to have wrapped up before The Big Bang Theory tonight. Then I'll do one last read-thru using text-to-speech because TTS catches so much that me reading aloud does not.

Since this is the Houston Texans bye week, I won't be distracted by football (too much). Assuming everything goes as planned (*knocks wood*), uploading the novel to various retailers should commence late Saturday/early Sunday. Which means you'll have a new Bloodlines novel in time for Halloween.

Kind of appropriate since Alex and Phil literally go to Hell.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Blood Sacrifice Status Update

I was planning on announcing that Blood Sacrifice was available today.

Last Monday, I got the editing notes back from my editor and started working.

Thursday night, the memory card, in the ancient laptop I've been limping by with, died. And I do mean the Blue Screen of Death died.

I replaced the card, but in its death throes, it corrupted the registry. DH and I spent Friday and Saturday restoring programs that I needed to get Blood Sacrifice out.


I have a choice--let y'all know the status and plunge back into getting this thing done, or post another chapter.

I think my time is better spent getting the book you've been so patiently waiting for done. I'm hoping to have better news for you later this week.

Thanks for your understanding.