Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Latest News on the Latest Novel

I've had lots of people checking to see if Blood Sacrifice is done.

In two words, "Not Yet."

But since y'all have been so incredibly patient, I'm going to start publishing chapters on my blog once a week starting April 1.

And no, that's not an April Fool's joke. But it is incentive for me to get this puppy done if I'm publicly accountable for output like this.

See ya back here in twelve days!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Happy Whisk's 444 Giveaway

To celebrate her 444th blog post on March 4th, The Happy Whisk (aka Ivy, the gorgeous and talented chef) is holding a contest. Four winners who can choose from four fabulous authors--one of which is me, of course!

To be eligible for the roll of the dice (Whisk's hubby Tim is the gamemaster deluxe with his own 'zine), head over to The Happy Whisk and leave a comment. Comments close on Thursday (03/07/2013)!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Yes, I'm Late

Needless to say, Blood Sacrifice isn't done yet. I had a long e-mail discussion with a friend, and it comes down to I'm trying to make the book perfect.

No book is ever going to be "perfect". Normally, I can let a story go with a "I've done the best I can for my skill level at this time." It usually works.

So what's the problem this time?

My heroine Phillipa is the daughter of Ares and Otrera. If you don't know your mythology, they are also the parents of Hippolyta. You know, the Queen of the Amazons?

As in, my heroine is technically Wonder Woman's aunt. Wonder Woman. My favorite fictional heroine.

And who wants to piss off Wonder Woman by screwing up a book about her aunt?

Yes, I have issues. But as my firend said, I need to get over myself, get the damn book back together, and put it to bed.

I will. I promise.

As soon as get my f***ing taxes done.