Friday, April 20, 2012


Amish, Vamps & Thieves, the fourth book in the Bloodlines series, is now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. I had a lot of fun with this story since it's set practically in my back yard.


Anne Levy was forced to leave her tight-knit community many years ago, when she was attacked by rogue vampires and turned. When her brother calls her home to investigate the bizarre mutilations taking place in the area, she is confronted with the difference between her pacifist Amish upbringing and her current life as an enforcer for the Augustine Vampire Coven.

She’s also confronted with Colin Fitzgerald—a hot local lawyer trying to find the killer despite her objections—who makes her desire a life she couldn’t possibly have. Not with him. Not without robbing him of the normal life she still yearns for.

But as the killer moves from animal mutilations to human, it becomes clear this is an entity unknown to humans or the paranormal community at large, and even Anne isn’t sure how to find or destroy it. She and Colin must catch the killer before it takes any more victims while keeping their feelings for each other at bay. But is the monster really after the local farmers or someone else entirely? And even if they can save the day and each other, how is Anne supposed to save Colin from herself?

Novel, approximately 76,000 words or 253 printed pages

Friday, April 6, 2012

Honestly, I'm Not Just Twiddling My Thumbs

To my readers: Thank you, thank you for your patience!

After twelve weeks, I've given up on receiving the prop I ordered back in JANUARY for the cover of Amish, Vamps & Thieves. DH and I have come up with an alternate plan. He's taking tomorrow off (because I asked him nicely to help re-sod the drought-dead front yard this weekend), and we're shooting the cover after lunch.

I'm a little disappointed because I LOVED the original cover concept. But que sera sera, right?

So what does this mean? Depending on my cover artist's schedule (she now does ALL the title graphics on the Bloodlines books to keep them consistent), Amish, Vamps & Thieves should be available by April 20th.

Around the same time, the second edition of my non-fiction Creating a Business Plan for the Indie Writer will also go live.

In the meantime, I'm already working on the cover of Zombie Confidential so it's ready when the story is. I don't want to get caught with my pants down again. It was pretty embarrassing this last time.