Crossover Worlds

The Crossover Worlds series allows me to play a little with my own characters, those who would never interact because they live in their own universes. As a former physics student, I do believe in the Many-Worlds Theory. This all started when Darling Husband asked me what would happen if Chief Justice Anthea ever met Sam Ridgeway. And it got me thinking how they'd even meet, and. . .

tl;dr Any books in this series are all my husband's fault.


Demons trap three heroines from three different Earths in Otherwhere, a space between dimensions, and a newborn goddess of death acts as their mentor as she helps the ladies in their search for home.

Join four kickass ladies, Shan Wong-Washington (Seasons of Magick), Aisha Franklin-Garcia AKA the Ghost Owl (888-555-HERO), Chief Justice Anthea DiBalance (Justice), and Samantha “Sam” Ridgeway (Bloodlines), in a wild and crazy adventure across the multiverse where women are awesome and even the Fates are scared!

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