Friday, October 13, 2023

New Release - Demons Run at Halloween

Why, yes! I did have a new release drop today!

Demons Run at Halloween started as a stretch reward back in 2022 for the Soccer Moms of the Apocalypse series. This is a prequel novella set ten years after Ed and Laura Hudson (i.e. Pestilence's in-laws) retired from demon hunting for the Vatican.

But it's a fun, stand-alone story and perfect for Halloween!

Got a demon infestation? Call the people who can eradicate your Hellspawn problem! Vatican operators are ready to assist you!

Retired demon hunters Ed and Laura Hudson live the quiet, boring suburban life in Oakfield, Illinois, with their young sons Gene and Theo. Until a gruesome murder raises the senior Hudsons’ suspicions. And the archbishop of Chicago demands proof before he’ll send in a team.

Can Laura and Ed keep their sons safe during trick-or-treating while investigating the murder? Or has the suburban boredom dulled their hunting skills?

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