Monday, June 11, 2012

Kind Words Go a Long Way

Smashwords threw a fit since I put an approximate page count in my description for ZOMBIE CONFIDENTIAL. I added the page count because I wanted to make it absolutely clear to my readers that this was a short story.

Anyway, when I went to the Dashboard to change ZC's description, I was delighted to find a a 5-star rating from Francine Forte:

Wow! I loved it. A paranormal mystery that was fun, sad, heartwarming, and just a great read. Who knew I'd love a zombie heroine? Suzan Harden wrote it right. I highly recommend this story.

Folks, if you love a writer's story, let them know. Or better yet, let everyone else know. And thanks, Francine, for your kind words!

Just a reminder: ZOMBIE CONFIDENTIAL is still available for free from Smashwords. Or you can click here to read it online.

Once Smashwords actually starts distributing ZC to other retailers I'll post the info!


Victoria Dixon said...

Wow! Nice unsolicited response and congratulations!

Suzan Harden said...

Yeah, Victoria, unexpected compliments always make my day.

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