Sunday, September 24, 2017

Almost, My Pretties

After more family drama this week, Ravaged went to my formatter Saturday afternoon.

Whew! One thing off my plate for a day or three, at least until I need to review the e-book files before uploading them to retailer sites. The paperback will follow shortly after the e-book for those who are into that format.

Look for an announcement soon!

It's been ten months since my last release, so I'm suffering from a mixture of excitement and nerves.

Add in a glitch with my domain/hosting company Friday night, and I didn't get much sleep. Despite my panic and my domain not pointing to my website for eleven hours, everything's been fixed.

So I'm going to take two breaks today. First, listen to the Texans game (thank Goddess for internet radio!), then I'll write for a bit before watching the new Star Trek: Discovery.

Happy Mabon/Rosh Hashanah/Islamic New Year, everyone!

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