Monday, August 1, 2011

Movie Mania Monday

We took GK to see Captain America for his birthday.  As far as Marvel movies went it was . . .okay.

Chis Evans as Johnny Storm was one of the bright spots of the Fantastic Four movies, and he successfully downshifted for the role of Cap.  Unfortunately the bright spot in this movie was Tommy Lee Jones as Col. Phillips, who definitely did not have enough screen time.

And for the fangirl in me, the guest appearance by the Howling Commandos was a treat, except . . . where the hell was Sgt. Fury!  Seriously, I know Samuel L. Jackson's character couldn't be a ninety-year-old man, but you could have made this movie's Sgt. Fury, Col. Nick's grandpa or something. Geesh!

Yeah, yeah, I know the real U.S. armed forces weren't integrated until after WWII, but you still put Howling Commando Gabe Jones, a black private from the comic book, in the damn movie. I could have dealt with a black Sgt. Fury, and was half expecting it.  Frankly, you dropped a nice mythological connecting ball on this one, movie people.

Overall, the movie watches like the first few issues of the original Captain America series reads with some minor updates.

NOTE: In a interesting switch, the producers debuted the trailer for The Avengers movie at the END of Captain America (so if you've seen it and left before the credits go back and see it again), rather than showing it at the San Diego Comic-Con. I'm hoping the movie folks pull out all the stops on this movie, because frankly Cap isn't interesting to me unless he's butting heads with Ironman.


Angela Scott said...

That's too bad about the Capt America movie. My son went to see it with his buddy, so I'll have to ask him about it when he gets back. I'm not too into comic book based movies, but the trailer had looked good on this one. Oh well.

I see you've written a zombie book. Right over there <----. I'm going to go check that out right now :)

Suzan Harden said...

Thanks for dropping by, Angela. Don't let my opinion stop you from seeing Captain America. I wholly admit as a comic book geek for *mumble, mumble* years, my expectations are higher than the average filmgoer.

And I hope you do check out Zombie Love. Samantha Ridgeway is not your typical zombie.

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