Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Is Vampires Chased by the Undead an Oxymoron?

I'm very sad to say this, but with only six days left in the month, much less the year, there's no way I'll have Blood Sacrifice out before the 31st.

I sincerely apologize to everyone who's been waiting patiently for it, but the last thing I want to give you is a substandard product.

Will it be out in 2013? Yes, definitely. Will it be out by the end of January? I'm doing my damnedest to make that happen. Luckily, GK is on Winter Break until January 21st. While that should give me plenty of time, I discover decades ago that any time I make plans, the universe likes to throw a new calamity into my face.

Keep your fingers crossed and rub your four-leaf clovers for luck!

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