Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Status Report - January 2018

I can finally say A Modicum of Truth is in the production phase! As in I sent the files to my incredible formatter Jaye Manus at QA Productions last night right before five p.m.

This book kicked my ass. It is literally the longest book I've ever written, clocking in at a final word count of 100,362.

Yeah, yeah, I know the word count was at 89K when I finished the first draft. I'm one of those weird writers who add words to a manuscript--all the 'a's, 'to's, 'the's, 'her's, etc. while taking out the unneeded 'that's and 'just's.

Unfortunately, when I write, I don't see the words. I see a movie playing in my head, and I'm trying to take notes.

Sacrificed is next on the block. I'm considering doing a preorder for it, so y'all will know exactly when it is coming out.

After that will be Hero De Facto, which the lovely Elaina Lee at For the Muse Design is currently working on the covers for the series.

But whatever you do, don't ask me when A Matter of Death will be done. My brain needs a break, and I'll have to lash you with a wet noodle if you do.

P.S. A new chapter of Sacrificed will be up next week!

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